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"Happy Maps" - by Daniele Quercia



"Happy Maps" - by Daniele Quercia

1) Which of these statements do you agree with? Why?

1 Learners should try to sound like native speakers of English.

2 Sometimes it’s easier to understand other non-native speakers of English than native speakers.

3 Your foreign accent in English is an important part of your identity, so be proud of it.

2) What do you usually see on your way to school? What can you hear? What can you smell?



 4) Watch Part 2 of the talk [02:48 - end]. Choose the correct option to complete each sentence.

1 Daniele changed his research to look more at how people experience / get around the city.
2 The red path on the map is the shortest / most enjoyable one.
3 They collected data by asking people to play a game / take a test.
4 The first map that they designed was of Boston / London.
5 Their research now is in developing maps based on smell, sound, and memories / sights.
6 Their goal is to encourage people to take the best path / many paths through the city.

3) Watch Part 1 of the talk [00:00 - 02:47]. Answer the questions.

1 What journey helped Daniele see that travel isn’t just about efficiency?
a moving from Boston to Barcelona
b a bicycle race he took part in
c his commute to work

2 How was the new route different from the old one?

a It went along Massachusetts Avenue.
b It had less traffic
c It was shorter and quicker.

3 What does Daniele say about mapping apps?
a They encourage people to explore more.
b They give you too many choices about which way to travel.
c They are very similar to computer games.

5) Work in groups. Discuss the questions.

1 How does Daniele think that his mapping app will make people’s lives better?

2 Daniele’s London map shows routes that are short, happy, beautiful, and quiet. Which kind of route would you prefer to use to get around your city? Why?

3 Why might these people be interested in using this kind of mapping app? Give reasons for each one.
• a tourist spending a week in a new city
• a courier who delivers letters and packages quickly for companies by bicycle
• a student
• a taxi driver

4 Would you like to have this mapping app on your smartphone? Why?

6) Work in pairs. Look at a map of your town or a city that you know well. Plan two one-hour walking routes.

• Route 1. This must include as many beautiful sights and interesting places as possible.
• Route 2. This must include the places most likely to interest teenagers who are visiting the city.

7) Work in groups. Compare your routes and discuss the questions.

1 As a tourist, what tour would you enjoy most? Why?
2 What other types of (guided) tours could you offer?






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