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"Go ahead, make up new words!" - KEYS


Suggested answers

 1 a, e

The points she’s making are: (a) sometimes people don’t like new words that come into the language because they feel they’re ungrammatical or break some kind of unspoken rules and (e) there’s an irony in the fact that young people are often encouraged to be creative, but not when it comes to making up new words.

 2 b, c

The points she’s making are: (b) we can make plurals of new nouns without ever having heard those plurals before. We use our deep unconscious understanding of certain rules to do this and (c) we don’t need to be told to obey them or taught to follow them. They’re like gravity. We just obey them automatically.

3 d

The point she’s making is that with hats, we automatically know to wear them on our heads, but we maybe need to learn when and where it is – and isn’t – appropriate to wear them, and so it is with words. We need to learn when and how to use them and in what contexts, etc. We need to learn usage.



1  Borrowing 2  heartbroken, bookworm and sandcastle 3  Blend words, brunch, motel, edutainment and electrocute 4  shift, friend, commercial, green 5  delete, edit 6  NASA

5) d



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