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Worksheet 10

James and the Giant Peach - by Roald Dahl
Before watching the movie "James and the Giant Peach", complete some exercises about the writer, Mr. Roald Dahl, and his story.


1) Read these sentences: which insects from the story do they describe?


a. Thinks she is beautiful when really she is greedy!
b. He's loud, smokes the cigar and thinks he knows everything!

c. Thinks the worst in every situation - she's always worried!
d. A motherly insect who takes care of the others
e. A fussy, fatherly,  insect who adds a touch of class. A refined character!
f. A cool, exotic creature who forms a special attachment to James
g. Tall and mean and bossy

2) Read the sentences below describing the various parts of James’ trip and put them in the right order.
• The peach rolls over the countryside of
• The peach is carried by water to the
Arctic Ocean.
• James lives near the sea with his mother and father.
• The peach is lifted up out of the water by the seagulls (mouettes) and fliesn in the air.
• James has a house in the peach stone in
Central Park, New York.
• James goes to live with his two Aunts in the South of England in their house on top of a hill.
• The peach lands on top of the
EmpireStateBuilding in New York.
• The peach falls from the mountains of
England and into the sea.

3) Answer the following questions:

a) Compare James’ life with his parents to his life with his aunts.

b) Describe the friends James meets in the giant peach and explain what they do to help him

c) Describe all the nice things that happen to James and his friends once they land in New York City.





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